Protea Montessori Consultants helps educators create a culture of inclusion in their schools and classrooms, and shows them how to incorporate diversity, courage, and transformation into their daily practice. We work with schools, teacher education programs, universities, individual educators, and even families, helping to create and sustain an LGBTQA+ Gender Diversity curriculum. Our in-depth trainings are tailored to the needs of the individual or institution and will help educators not only understand the importance of the LGBTQA+ Gender Diversity curriculum, but give simple, practical ways to incorporate it. Our goal is to help you create an inclusive and welcoming culture and to work with you to implement an LGBTQA+ curriculum in your school.

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Our mission

Our mission is to help create schools where all children, families, and staff feel safe to be who they are. We want all people, regardless of who they are or how the identify, to be embraced and respected. We want all people to feel seen by and reflected within their communities. We do this by helping schools support and celebrate their own gender diverse communities. We will help you build a school culture that is intentionally inclusive of LGBTQA+ children, families, and faculty. Together, we will create a Montessori environment that will strengthen and support children, teachers, and families.