Our approach is that of partner and collaborator with the goal of developing your environment in the most positive ways. We do this by taking the time to first observe your space. After observing your space, we meet once with all staff members and then alone with teachers and alone with administration. From here we work to come up with a plan to revitalize your environment and your curriculum so that it is LGBTQA+ inclusive.

Part of our work with educational institutes is to help create gender diverse LGBTQA+ environments in which children and faculty feel respected and acknowledged. We reflect on everything from books used in the classroom, to environmental design. We help educators reflect on curriculum, parents education, pronoun use as well as collaborating with queer families. We help administration work on making the interview and application process more LGBTQA+ positive, we will help you create forms for families that are more inclusive of all familial make ups.

We offer day-long retreats with your faculty. Our retreats focus on revisiting our commitment to all children. Together, we reflect on our mission statements as well as the messages that we wish to send our communities. We talk through building an inclusive, nurturing environment for all children, families, and faculty. We work through various scenarios that might come up in our schools and help you problem-solve so that all children, families, and educators feel respected and supported.