“Sara’s impact on our family’s experience with Montessori was transformative and profoundly positive. Sara is a gifted and knowledgeable educator who relates easily and genuinely to both parents and educators.”

"Thank you so much for this! I really loved your presentation. It was a really great feeling to be in a room full of open, accepting and loving people."


“Terri is a calm, positive and passionate Montessori educator. She intuitively knows what children need and lovingly guides them towards growth in all areas. She is a role model for other Montessori educators.”

“Thank you for doing this presentation. It was very enlightening.”

“I haven't gotten past the opening of your article...but had to take a moment to thank you for the nomenclature! My daughter is in a relationship with a young women who prefers non-binary language and I am slowly learning through experience the nuanced perspectives of a community I do not know well. Even in its very first pages, you have given me insights to deeper understanding that I expect will deepen my relationship with my daughter and her family of friends. Thank you!”


“Thank you for for sharing your work with us, you were inspiring, thoughtful, kind and steadfast in your delivery. I walked away feeling a strong sense of renewal and call to action. Our school had several advocates and allies present for your workshop! It is my hope we can do justice to the pathway you have set forth! I am certain we will inspire thoughtful dialog and self reflection among our coworkers and administration. Once again, thank you so much for you honesty, vulnerability and bravery!”